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Welcome to Healing Hands for Haiti International Foundation Inc.


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To Build Lasting Resources It Takes Lasting Commitment

Healing Hands for Haiti has worked with the disabled since 1998 and in that time have provided essential health care resources to Port au Prince. In addition to physical therapy and clinical services Healing Hands provides training and education programs in the fabricating and fitting of prosthetics and orthotics.

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building prosthetic leg

Photo: Eric Tavares

Our Redevelopment Partners 


Strong support from Handicap International continues at the Physical Rehabilitation Center (PRC) located near the National Palace area of downtown Port au Prince.  Originating from a 2009 small collaboration to assist 10 Haitian people with prosthetic limbs and quickly expanded after the January 2010 earthquake, this partnership has solidified into a long term commitment to help disabled, injured and vulnerable; while training current and future generations of caregivers.  


Our Patients Stories


Sebastien is an adorable 6-year old who first came to Kay Kapab Klinik in September of 2012.  According to his father, he didn't walk much and fell down often when he tried to walk.  At school, when the other kids were playing, he sat on a bench.  After receiving physical therapy at HHH, he has shown marked improvement.





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