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Healing Hands For Haiti

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Board of Directors
Phillippe R. Armand - President and Acting Executive Director
Manuel Heusch de Desquiron - Vice President
Christian Aime - Treasurer, Haiti
Trent Goddard – Treasurer, North America
E Jean-Baptiste Brown - Legal Counsel
Shella Nicolas - Assistant Secretary
Arielle Jean-Baptiste
Marguerite Baron
Maureen Bennett, PhD
Guy Jeanty, MD
Marla Jensen, RN, BSN
Rudolph Lalanne, MD
Colleen O'Connell, MD
Jeff Randle*, MD
Jim Rohde, MD
Michael J. Ward
*Founding Members
Advisory Board Members
Lisa Bagley, RN
Tom Bennett JD
Nancy Fisher
Jan Groves
Mary Ellen Murphy
Ben Nau  MD
George Pratt, JD



Evelyne Bernard - Administrator and Director of Human Resources
Gail Buck – Technical Director and Coordinator
Marjorie Henry - Director of Guesthouse Operations

Copyright 2015 by Healing Hands for Haiti, Active Pro-bono Support from Augeo+Greer
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