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Healing Hands For Haiti

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New Video Soon to be Released


Seven years ago Averill Kronick, an independent producer/director, traveled to Port-au-Prince to produce a marketing video for HHH.  On February 23 of this year, Mr. Kronick returned to begin the creation of a new video.  His overwhelming impression was that in 2006, North Americans were providing most of the care, with some assistance from Haitians.  This time he saw Haitians serving Haitians!Mr. Kronick says that, "A big part of my approach to making this video has to do with conducting interviews in Creole and having English subtitles.  Although a more complicated and expensive way to produce a video, it will reinforce the idea that now Haitians are doing most of the work at HHH, showing Haitians helping Haitians."  He goes on to say that, "people always express their true emotions when speaking in their first language."Mr. Kronick donated his services and secured pro bono services from the others who are involved in the production of the film.  In all, he estimates that over 300 volunteer hours will go into the making of this new video which would have otherwise cost about $50,000!


Meet Sherley Philistin


Meet Sherley Philistin- HHH guesthouse manager. Sherley was born in Verrettes (Artibonite Department). She attended the Thunderbird School of Management and Ecole Hoteliere d'Haiti/ Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association. Sherley wants to promote tourism in Haiti and let people know of the beauty of the country. Her favorite place is Saut d'eau. Her favorite restaurant is Quarter Latin and she loves pizza, crepes, rice and lalo. A music lover, one of her favorite bands is Dajakout #1.

"My country "Haiti cherie" is a wonder of nature, a jewel.," says Sherley. "For this, I want to be one of the people that promotes tourism in Haiti and raises my culture and everything that can put it on the international plan."

Welcome to Healing Hands, Sherley!


Don Bosco University Professor Trains Orthotic and Prosthetic Students

Karol Hernandez, Professor of Orthotics and Prosthetics at Don Bosco University in El Salvador, worked with students in our training facility for six weeks from January to March 2013.


Thank you Volunteers!

truck of wheelchairsHealing Hands for Haiti would like to thank the many volunteers that take time out of their schedules to work with our team in Haiti to provide valuable assistance to those living with disabilities. 

Over the past couple months we have welcomed Jake McCrowell, a Prosthetic Technician from Virginia, who was with us for 2 weeks in January. Jake shared some of his time and expertise in our clinic as well as with the Global Therapy Group Outpatient Rehab Clinic in Petionville who requested some assistance from us. 

We also welcome Natalie Fischer, Occupational Therapist, and Mark Wilson, Physical Therapist who are here from Minnesota. They are working in the clinic alongside our staff. We also welcome Justin Chan, and Occupational Therapist from Seattle.

The Team Canada Healing Hands Seating team was here in January providing wheelchairs and repairs to wheelchairs for orphanage children. Notre Maison,  New Life for Children Home, Food for the Poor, St. Germain Rehab Center for Children, Wings of Hope, Melissa's Hope, and Little Brothers and Little Sisters were all recipients of their tremendous work. 



Container Building for Added Training Space

training container construction site container construction
container building container building container building

SCI Planning Meeting Hosts 17 Organizations

spinal cord injured committeeThe Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Working Group held a two day meeting that included 17 organizations including the Ministry of Health and the Bureau du Secretaire d'Etat a l'integration des personnes Handicapees (BSEIPH). The planning meeting was held January 17 & 18th at Healing Hands for Haiti (HHH) Klinik Kay Kapab in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Collaboration and discussion were the order of the day as participants planned for the future of persons with spinal cord injury in terms of on-going needs, care and education. Everyone talked about their challenges and successes.


Healing Hands for Haiti Celebrates Opening of New Clinic

clinic opening 

Healing Hands for Haiti (HHH) and The Special Fund for the Disabled of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) officially inaugurated a new physical rehabilitation centre in Port-au-Prince on May 22, 2012. The facility opened its doors following a year of rebuilding and repair work on the previous structure, which was destroyed by the earthquake of 12 January 2010. The centre was rebuilt and equipped thanks to financial support from the American Red Cross, the Australian Red Cross and the Norwegian Red Cross. 


Discussing New Rehabilitation Center

Co-founder Dr. Jeffrey Randle recently sat down with Fox 13 to discuss Healing Hands for Haiti and the opening of the new rehabilitation center.

Click here to view video


Moving Day!

  The day has finally arrived for us to pack up at the Bois Verna klinik and head to our new home in Bourdon. Things have gone according to plan for the most part and we have about a week to get our equipment and ourselves moved in. Staff will need to be oriented and trained with a target of receiving patients in the new facility on April 16th. A very exciting time at Healing Hands for Haiti!






Ponsetti Method Treatment for Club Foot

ponsetti method club foot treatment  To raise awareness of the non-invasive and successful treatment of club foot called the 'Ponsetti Method' HHH, in partnership with CURE, has a service every Friday at our rehabilitation clinic in Port au Prince, where our trained staff  provide care, serial casting for these children as well as education for their parents.

Continuing Education Awards


It is with great pleasure to announce the HHH continuing education awards to Miss Nadia Bernavil, Mis Justin and Madam Jean Baptiste who successfully passed their continuing education nursing examination.

Hercules Pierre, Pharmacy and Stores man was also awarded a certificate for passing his Medication Calculation Exam as part of his continuing education.

Herold Lojuste, Translator, assisted in collecting data for a large Transportation Audit. The results have been accepted and will be shared at the LSTM Symposium on November 8th 2011. Congratulations and thank you Herold for your invaluable input.


Dr. Nau Speaks at Haiti Health Cluster Meeting


On September 27, HHH Medical Director Bernard Nau MD presented HHH at the Haiti Health Cluster meeting, attended by more than 60 people.  Healing Hands for Haiti history, earthquake response and current status were detailed followed by an extensive question and answer period.





ICRC and American Red Cross visit Building Site

On August 31, Sandrine Capelle Manuel, the new American Red Cross Country Representative and Simon Ashmore, the ICRC Haiti Chef des Mission, visited the new building site to observe the construction progress.

Pictured here: Sandrine Capelle Manuel - American Red Cross Country Representative; Simon (Max) Ashmore - ICRC Chef des Mission;  Alexander Humbert - ICRC Engineer; August Guercy - Technique & Construction owner; Andrew Ripp - MSAADA Architects; Bernard Nau MD - Healing Hands for Haiti Country Medical Director; Al Ingersoll - HHH Country Director


Thank You Volunteers!

 Gail Buck and Amelia Wishart
Our sincerest welcome and thanks to volunteers joining us throughout July and August.  
Mary Pope and Kay Gautsch, both Physical Therapists, are each spending about a month with us providing education and mentoring in the Kay Kapab Klinic.  Barbara Ennis, a prosthetic & orthotic student from Toronto Canada, arrived July 18th and is working in the Physical Rehabilitation Center (PRC) until August 15. Amelia Wishart, a prosthetic & orthotic technician from Australia arrived 9 August and will also be working in the Physical Rehabilitation Center until Sept 1.
Fiona Stephenson, Kay Kapab Klinik Director & Manager Nurse Programs, will be traveling to Cap Haitian to provide some additional training at Haiti Hospital Appeal and center for Spinal cord injury rehabilitation in the north of the country.




Thanks to sponsorship from our Canadian partner, Team Canada Healing Hands, Dr. Colleen O’Connell, Gail Buck and Fiona Stephenson travelled to Puerto Rico to attend the International Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation meeting. Dr. Fritz Moise also joined the group thanks to sponsorship from the Swiss Rehabilitation Team. Our team’s focus was to present a view of Disaster Response in Haiti and developing rehabilitation programs.

As we say thank you to Mike Murphy for his three months of volunteer service with our prosthetic and orthotic clinic, we welcome graduate student Tyler Dunham who will be with us for the month of June. We also welcome Marie Carbonneau, an orthotic technician from California who is volunteering with us for two weeks in June.





Wadson Michel , trainer and volunteer from Boston, worked with the HHHI managers for a 3 day team building session. The group focussed on improving communication and management style to the benefit of staff and patients.

Al Ingersoll,  HHHI Prosthetic and Orthotic Program Director, has been named Country Director for Haiti.  In this new role, Al will continue to work on developing HHHI’s partner relationships and overseeing the construction of our new outpatient rehabilitation facility with the support of the International Committee of the Red Cross.




Delegation for US Congress visit Healing Hands for Haiti Prosthetic and Orthotic Clinic


Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy and spouse with Handicap International's Aleema Shivji and HHHI's Al Ingersoll. North Dakota Senator Kent Conrad is behind Aleema.

March 22, 2011 - Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee's Subcommittee on Department of State and Foreign Operations, headed a three-day congressional delegation that visited the Dominican Republic and Haiti this week. Other delegation members included Senator Kent Conrad (D-N.D.); Senator Kay Hagan (D-N.C.); Congressman Peter Welch (D-Vt.), and Congressman Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.).





2010 Pioneers of Progress, Dr. Jeff Randle

In 1998, Dr. Randle helped found the Healing Hands for Haiti International Foundation (HHHI), established to support rehabilitation of Haiti’s disabled adults and children. Along with the help of volunteer teams across the US and Canada, the Foundation has supported the treatment of over 25,000 patients, provided more than 1,000 prosthetic limbs, supported 45 orphanages with disabled children and trained over 100 clinicians in rehabilitation medicine.  

Reporting on Wound Management

Fiona Stephenson, RN,  Kay Kapab Klinik Director and Manager of Nurse Programs with Healing Hands for Haiti, provides insight into the basic health care needs of spinal cord injury patients. While focusing on their extreme wound care requirements, Fiona highlights the need for adequate fluid, nutrition, hygiene and aseptic techniques to achieve complete healing.












Jeff Randle, Health Care Hero


Utah Business magazine held a recognition luncheon on Septemer 29, 2010 in honor of this year’s Health Care Heroes  - 24 individuals and companies across the state going above and beyond the regular call of duty, helping to heal and save lives on a daily basis.

"It was a terrible/amazing experience," says Dr. Jeffrey Randle of his trip to Haiti five days after the January earthquake. "Much of it reminded me of a war zone in which men, women and children were affected indiscriminately."





Jan 12 to July 12, 2010 - From earthquake to groundbreaking, our 6 month report

We have treated and cared for:
100’s of persons wounded in the earthquake,
300 people with amputations,
100 individuals with spinal cord injuries,
and supported 300 medical volunteers…



Utah Nurse Recognized for Decade-Plus Relief Work in Haiti

10th Anniversary Cake

(Salt Lake City, Utah) April 28, 2010 – As a founding member of and volunteer for medical rehabilitation non-profit Healing Hands for Haiti, Lisa Bagley, MSN, RN, CRRN has traveled to the poverty-ravaged nation annually for the last 12 years to help save and improve the lives of disabled children and adults through rehabilitation and education. In recognition of her efforts, Bagley will receive the Dare to Care Award during the 16th Annual Honors for Nursing.







Healing Hands Celebrates 10th Anniversary


Happy 10th Birthday Cake presented in Toronto by (from left) Dr. Jeff Randle, founder, Healing Hands for Haiti and Chair of the Governance Committee,  Dr. Ben Nau, President of the Haitian Board, Dr. Steve Fisher, President of the International Board

To celebrate it’s 10th anniversary, Healing Hands for Haiti invited board members, team leaders, volunteers, staff and associates from Haiti and North America to a strategic planning conference in Toronto, Canada, November 6 through 8. The last international conference was held in Miami, Florida, in June 2006. Since then, the organization remodelled governance, established new accounting and clinic reporting systems, developed volunteer marketing and fund-raising teams, expanded services and programs to Haitians and is on the road to building Haiti’s first physical medicine and rehabilitation institute.






Healing Hands for Haiti partners With Hollywood Unites for Haiti

Delivering the donated soccer equipment is 
Jeff Campbell, General Manager, Team Canada. 
Accepting is Jonas Petit, representing Hollywood Unites for Haiti.

Jimmy Jean Louis, screen actor and star of the popular television series, Heroes, and President of the non-profit, Hollywood Unites for Haiti, recently accepted a donation of soccer equipment for the Haitian National Girls Soccer Team. The equipment was donated by Dominion Soccer in Canada to our partner, Team Canada Healing Hands, Inc.  Further collaboration on behalf of Haitians with disabilities is planned.






International Day of Persons with Disabilities honored in Haiti, December 3

This special day, International Day of Persons with Disabilities; is widely celebrated in Haiti. Healing Hands for Haiti held a public art show and celebration of the talents of persons with disabilities at our Haitian headquarters in Port-au-Prince on December 3. Saluting the artists were representatives from the Haitian Ministry of Public Health and Ministry of State for Persons with Disabilities as well as Board members, staff and volunteers from Healing Hands for Haiti and Wings of Hope orphanage.






Team Canada Healing Hands Inc. completes 16th mission to Haiti, November 2009

Team Canada was supported by UN Police on visit to Cité Soleil, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, November 2009.

Congratulations to our Canadian partner, Team Canada Healing Hands Inc., which recently completed it’s 16th mission with Healing hands for Haiti. The 30 member team of volunteer medical professionals and support workers arrived in Haiti November 10. Groups were deployed throughout the country working for 10 days at orphanages in Isle La Vache, Fermathe, Jacmel and Port-au-Prince, as well as at our headquarters clinic and prosthetic facility on Rue John Brown. The Team’s work, directed by its leaders, Dr. Colleen O’Connell and Jeff Campbell, includes treating patients with disabilities, training local health care workers, repairing and maintaining equipment from a hospital audiology booth to wheel chairs. Their next mission is scheduled for November 2010. 



Canadian Medical Association partners with Healing Hands for Haiti in professional volunteer program

The Canadian Medical Association, represents 50,000 physicians in Canada. To facilitate volunteer opportunities for its many members interested in participating in international programs, the CMA features partnerships on its web site. Healing Hands for Haiti was recently highlighted as a feature partner. We welcome inquiries and support from Canadian health care professionals.

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Kay Gautsch comforting patient

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