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04 JANUARY 2013

Dr. Bernard Nau

My name is: Dr. Bernard Nau My relationship to HHHI is:  Country Medical Director for Healing Hands for Haiti International. For how long:  From 2006 to June 2010 I was Chair of the Haitian Board of Directors and a member of the HHHI Governance Committee. Describe what you do:  Haiti has been my...

04 JANUARY 2013

Noel Frantz

Name : Noel Frantz Position : Full time Logistics Coordinator Healing Hands for Haiti Tell us about your family: There are five people in my family: my wife, Marie-Carmelle Frantz (nee Dabady); my 8-year-old daughter, Francesca-Noel; my two nieces, Claudia and Géraldyne; and myself, Noel. Describe your experience of the earthquake: On Tuesday...