Celebrating 20 years of the Healing Hands for Haiti

On Friday, January 18, 2019, the Healing Hands for Haiti (HHH) celebrated its 20 years of existence by organizing a fundraising gala evening at Karibe Hotel. National and international members of Healing Hands for Haiti, including Founder Dr. Jeffrey Randle, President Philippe R. Armand, Vice President Manuel de Heusch Desquiron, HHH executives and some members of the HHH staff, many personalities and disability support organizations attended this gala evening, which was a resounding success.

In his occasional speech The President of the HHH, Mr. Philippe R. Armand appealed to the public authorities for a better structuring of a sector of health care little and poorly known, which is none other than the sector of the rehabilitation.

Let’s give meaning to our life by taking time to relieve others and make theirs worthy, human and bearable, hammered Mr. ARMAND

In his remarks, HHH Vice President Manuel de Heusch testified that he became disabled as a result of a four-wheel motorcycle accident he had in a race in 2013. and that since 6 years, he is paralyzed.

The evening is hosted by Jean Jean Roosevel, Akoutisk, Dance for Life and the dance troupe of disabled girls ” Soleil Leve ”.

Dr. Jeffrey Randle, founder of the institution, is proud of the services offered by the center. “We are a referral center that receives 60 to 70 patients a day,” he says.

Honor plaques have been awarded. ”




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