Meet Sherley Philistin

Meet Sherley Philistin- HHH guesthouse manager. Sherley was born in Verrettes (Artibonite Department). She attended the Thunderbird School of Management and Ecole Hoteliere d’Haiti/ Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association. Sherley wants to promote tourism in Haiti and let people know of the beauty of the country. Her favorite place is Saut d’eau. Her favorite restaurant is Quarter Latin and she loves pizza, crepes, rice and lalo. A music lover, one of her favorite bands is Dajakout #1.

“My country “Haiti cherie” is a wonder of nature, a jewel.,” says Sherley. “For this, I want to be one of the people that promotes tourism in Haiti and raises my culture and everything that can put it on the international plan.”

Welcome to Healing Hands, Sherley!

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