Adrien Savain

We were lost just 6 months ago when our daughter Salma experienced complete loss of balance due to muscle weakness in her hips, legs and ankles.  Prior to our arrival in Haiti, this had happened a few times in the states.  After several recommended neurological test by our pediatrician, who claimed that her stance and feet didn’t reveal a need to see an orthopedic, we were left with no realistic answer or solution.

We were lost! but a little organization known as Healing Hands, with modest means and an extraordinary staff of care givers found us.  From top to bottom I witness ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  They are professionals who know and perform their skill well; every day with a smile and a positive attitude.  The extraordinary is the personal touch outside of the daily routines that impressed me the most.  Young and old, rich and poor from all walks of life are experiencing the Magic of Healing Hands.  For my daughter it is magical that in just 3 months she has had a complete turnaround.

Thank you from the bottom of my hearth to the Healing Hands family of care givers especially Ms. Elisee.  Her exemplary work and personal touch has made the difference for our daughter Salma.

The magic of Healing Hands is their ability to heal the person who is suffering and not the ailment.

The very best to you and the entire organization.

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