Mikaela Dick And Hailey Brinkman

Monsieur Armand and Madame Bernard,

The past couple weeks that we have been in Haiti, we have had many unforgettable and amazing experiences. Each of the therapists that we have worked with was wonderful and helpful. We were also excited that they were so eager to learn new techniques.

Throughout our stay at Healing Hands for Haiti, we were also treated very well at the guesthouse and were able to become friends with the staff here (not to mention the food was also amazing). Despite the hot and humid weather, there was not a day when the patients and therapists did not make us laugh and smile. We are so grateful to be able to work in a beautiful facility alongside the prosthetic and orthotic staff as well.

In regards to our treatment of patients, we saw anywhere from patients with neurologic conditions of strokes or radiculopathy to orthopedic conditions such as fractures or low back pain. We grew exponentially in our confidence and progression of skills despite the language barrier (although we were very grateful for our translator), and we look forward to bringing these skills and experience to our fellow students and professors back in the United States.

Not only has this trip been unforgettable, but also the lessons we learned will last throughout our career as physical therapists. Some of the most incredible events we experienced included patients standing, walking and climbing stairs even when they never imagined such a feat to be possible. Attached, you will find photos that highlight some of our trip.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of Healing Hands for Haiti. We are grateful for each and every person that made our experience wonderful.


Mikaela Dick

Hailey Brinkman

University of North Dakota Physical Therapy

Class of 2018



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