05 JANUARY 2017


A team of medical volunteers from Boston visited the St. Boniface Hospital in March 2011 to work with the spinal cord injured (SCI) patients. They conducted CPR training, repaired wheelchairs, provided physical therapy, and follow up care.

St. Boniface Hospital specializes in SCI care with an experienced nursing staff that is able to provide education to patients and their care givers as well as implement standard nursing care. Our Boston team was pleased to offer its expertise and to see the amount of progress made since their last visit a year ago.Nesly was among the patients visited on this trip.

Nesly suffered a spinal cord injury and upper extremity amputation in the 2010 earthquake. He was fitted with braces last year and has steadily made progress in using them. A walker was specially modified on the left to accommodate his arm. Thanks to these new tools, Nesly can now get up and walk without bracing where before staff had to wrap up his ankles so he wouldn’t drag his feet. Nesly is now able to live independently with his wife who is now working at St. Boniface Hospital. The couple and their four children have been provided with living accommodations.

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