Vision & Commitment


To deliver quality, sustainable physical medicine and rehabilitation education, training and care for the people of Haiti.

We are committed to these values:

  • Healing Hands for Haiti supports and encourages the Haitian people in providing quality physical rehabilitation services for themselves in a spirit of self-determination, independence and human dignity with a focus on empowering Haitians with disabilities.
  • Healing Hands for Haiti is a not-for-profit, non-governmental institution with no religious or political affiliation which fosters and respects diversity within our organization.
  • We will work in cooperation with governments and local organizations when our mutual goals are aligned for the benefit of the Haitian people.
  • We will create opportunities for rehabilitation professionals and other volunteers who are willing to freely donate time and resources to our activities in North America and Haiti.
  • Healing Hands For Haiti is committed to conducting all of its affairs, both domestically and internationally, according to the highest moral and ethical standards.

Our commitment focuses on:

  • Rehabilitation education and training
  • Clinical treatment
  • Disability prevention
  • Increasing public awareness of disabilities and rehabilitation

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